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 If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Bali is dreamy.. lush.. other worldly.. it's all true. Bali is a healing sanctuary - to me - because of the people and the way they care for each other, guests, the land, and spirit. It's for a sure a place where you can come and rest your woes and reawaken your senses to majestic living and an easy sense of presence.

This retreat is a time for you to slow your roll!

To move your body in a powerful and nourishing way, to rest!! leisurely walk beautiful streets, swim, eat amazing food, meet unbelievable peeps and create space for transformation.

I believe true transformation happens when there is no expectation to change! Rather a sincere invitation to be. To feel your feet on the ground, explore with curiosity where you're at, and reconnect to your innermost self. From there we can reimagine and gather our energy towards the next phase that life is offering us.

A day in the life of retreating @ Soulshine


You'll wake up to.. beautiful fruit, gorgeous views and a light breakfast. We'll meditate each morning and then practice up in the sky on an open-air pavilion, while listening to the birds and sounds of nature, surrounded by green 360 degrees. (green is so healing for the eyes and soul!)

Morning meditation + yoga.

7am - Quiet, deeply calming early morning meditations (20-30 min practice) to tune into your quiet, innermost self. Before the rational mind has time to jump in you will access that still, intuitive place.

Option after for coffee, tea, breakfast.

8:30am - invigorating, all-levels yoga practices. Begin your day feeling grounded and empowered in your body, mind and heart. Everyday classes will be different, and will weave in strength, stretching, yoga therapeutics, chanting, and creative movement.

Following yoga is a perfect time for journaling.. so I will offer a prompt each day and you can partake. Of course this is optional. It is all optional really.. you can do whatever you need to do, the entire time you are here :)

The rest of the day.. will offer lots of time to enjoy a great lunch, hang by the pool, or explore around Ubud. Just walking around the town, seeing temples and markets is beautiful. There will also be options for afternoon cultural exploration - a guided temple tour, visit to sacred water temple, or scooter around to see endless fields of rice paddies.

Late afternoon - workshops including breathwork, yoga philosophy or asana (movement).

  • Breathwork is a very powerful, clarifying practice I’ve stepped into offering this year and it has been so rewarding to offer, and students have had powerful breakthrough moments with this practice. We’ll have at least 2 afternoon breathwork sessions on retreat.

  • Yoga philosophy - we’ll have one afternoon class where I will share an overview of the Bhagavad Gita, and how this is a deeply practical and resourceful spiritual text at the heart of yoga. This is a much loved offering! Possibly more afternoons of yoga philosophy.

  • Yoga asana workshop- at least 1 afternoon of breaking down an advanced movement posture like backbends or inversions.

  • Restorative yoga at night - most evenings restorative yoga will be offered around 9pm. This is a deeply nourishing practice that helps to prepare you for deep sleep, and is much loved on retreats.

Evenings will be lovely dinners by the pool, great conversation, and relaxation. There is plenty of space to spread out, take time on your own, or hang with the group.

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I will leave you with this.. Bali is where I came in 2014 to "do some yoga" and see what this buzz was all about. I had no intention of becoming a "yoga teacher" or really no idea what would come of it.  I spent 3 weeks Bali and the people, the temples, the yoga, the richness of spiritual life and kindness and BEAUTY (it is just SO beautiful everywhere) helped me remember I was not broken, I just needed to reconnect with a part of myself I had lost for a while and remember that my health and happiness is vital if I want to contribute to my family, friends and the world in a sincere way. It was a powerful trip for me, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this majestic space with you, especially at Soulshine!! Such a special place.

I pour my heart and soul into supporting students on retreat - through thoughtful practices, hands on assists, and offering all I can through workshops, hanging out, and facilitating amazing people coming together. One of the highlights of these trips is for sure being inspired by fellow travelers on the journey. The type of people that tend to join my retreats are warm, generous of heart, soulful people. If that sounds like you, know you will be in such good company.


Julie puts on the most nourishing retreats you can imagine. She is super thoughtful and attentive to ensure everyone’s needs are met and values when a person prioritizes themselves to get the most out of a retreat. I went to Julie’s 1st retreat in Sonoma which she nailed but to see her growth since then is so enjoyable. She comes up with great ideas and structure during the retreat and presents everything in a way that is relaxed and supportive. The food is delicious, imaginative, healthy and plentiful. I have been on 3 of Julie’s retreats and will continue to go in them. I feel powerful, happy and renewed long after the retreat ends. - Emily B

. . . .

I just attended Julie’s Tahoe retreat & had such an amazing time. The way Julie pulls together the experience is perfect; from the yoga itself, the food, to the activities and flexible approach that enables you to build on the experience for yourself, while still challenging yourself & opening your mind to new ideas. The people who attended were also super sweet, quality & fun. I would attend again in a second.

I've also been going through a lot of change over the last few months & being in the company of the community Julie has built was super helpful. Everyone was open minded & supportive & going through their own journeys. - Amy G

. . . .

Words can't express how grateful I am for this experience - it was by far the best retreat I've ever been too. The yoga was strong - (modifiable for all levels) and the vibe was relaxed. The magical setting, excellent food, excursions and the truly lovely people - Julie, her team and the participants all far exceeded my expectations. I feel inspired, clear, uplifted, and ready to conquer the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Sally S

. . . .

There’s only one word that can describe this Hawaii retreat: incredible. Julie’s passion for yoga and desire to nourish a community —both through mind and body— is the real deal. You will not be disappointed going on a retreat with Julie and her crew!

Also worth noting - I've kept this retreat to just 20 spots because I want to keep it intimate! It will likely sell out by the Fall as many past retreaters are excited to go to Bali. so if you're interested I recommend signing up sooner than later :)

Get ready to be part of something incredible!

Once you place your deposit on the trip you’ll hear from me welcoming you! and I’ll include info on suggested flights, suggestions if you want to extend your trip, etc!



What airport do I fly into?

Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) is the international airport. Remember you can lose up to two days with the time change and flight time, so double check your arrival date and retreat start date.

Arrive anytime Friday Feb 15 to Denpasar airport, and the Soulshine team will be there to greet you and bring you to the hotel, about 40 minutes away in Ubud. Travel to and from the airport is included in the retreat price.

When does the retreat begin?

Check in is from 2-5pm on Sat Feb 15.

Ideally you will land in Denpasar by 12pm, so you can arrive to the hotel and relax as we begin the retreat :) If you get in early, you can always relax by the pool before checkin.

When does the retreat end?

Saturday Feb 22 @ 12pm. Shuttles available all day to the airport.

Want to book an extra night, or have any other questions?

Just reach out to me - julianneyoga108@gmail.com and I can help :)

Travel requirements!

  1. Make sure that you have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date or you will be turned away from your departing city.

  2. You must also have proof of a return ticket.

  3. A visa is not required for a visit under 30 days, however you can not extend that 30 day period.

Extending your stay in Bali? Email me for recs of my favorite things in Bali.

See you soon!!!