Julie’s morning yoga class is a highlight of my week! Starting the day with her is amazing — empowering, energizing, relaxing, and a great workout. She does yoga with us in our office and is always able to tap into what the group is feeling and needs to work on most — whether it's shoulders, hips, or stress. I'm someone who tends to get easily bored with workouts, but I’m never bored in this class. Julie always changes things up with a mix of familiar poses and new ones. She balances the challenge well with rest, so you feel like you’re actually doing something great for your body. And, of course, your spirit. If I could do an hour of yoga with Julie every morning, I would! (She also has the BEST music ever!)

- Rita, Healthline.

Weekly Yoga Classes

I have seen the great benefit of continuous, weekly showing up to practice yoga, breathe and move together as a community. Teaching in offices in SF has been one of the sweetest parts of my career thus far. The employees are super grateful for the class and feel supported by their community, and in generating feelings of wellbeing they elevate the energy of the office. I’d be honored to support your team directly if my availability allows.


All-Levels Yoga - A slow vinyasa class accessible for everyone. You will leave feeling refreshed, recharged and renewed, really! Yoga helps us to release old, stuck energy in the body, strengthen, improve flexibility and and move into to clearer mind and body space.

Flow + Restore - A gentler class with sun salutations, gentle flow series, and restorative poses. This is great for the middle or end of day, and is a deep reset for mind, body and spirit.


Part of your big day - Company Off-sites, Retreats, Workshops.



Julie's yoga class is the perfect way to start the work day. Her flows are challenging enough to leave you feeling invigorated, but not exhausted and drenched in sweat. She manages to keep her class to accessible to all levels, while still introducing new positions and unexpected transitions that more advanced yogis will appreciate. And her calm demeanor and supportive style is welcoming, encouraging, and a refreshing reminder that when you stick with yoga and showing up, you'll find an inner calm that will radiate outwards as well!

- Amy, Healthline.

Julie is able to connect with each yogi and offer hands-on assists and help you adjust your form, deepen your pose, and help you to practice while navigating an injury. This compassion and care extends to larger group classes, as she encourages you to meet yourself where you are and make the practice your own with practical tools and genuine encouragement. Thank you for being you Julie.

- Tess, Facebook

"Julie's presence in our office every Wednesday creates a space of calm that can so needed in a busy work environment. Her instruction allows time to stop for awhile and for the attention to focus on the breath and the body. It is a way to step out of the mind for a little while and just be.” — Crystal, Facebook.

"Working with Julie through a corporate perspective is pure joy. Her positive vibe and enduring personality is what makes so many of our employees come back for her class week after week. Her yoga experience has helped inspire experienced yogis as well as encouraged those new to join the practice.” — Mary Baucom, Healthline.