This place is like summer camp for adults, in the most chill and peaceful way. I'm not the kind of person who says "magical" about everything.. but this place is truly magical! Peaceful running river.. beautiful springs.. gorgeous yoga deck.. and feels so good to be here in supportive community.

Engage as little or as much as you want and set your soul free in this nurturing, expansive setting.

I feel privileged to have really special groups form around retreats, and often new friendships are formed here, and students head bak into day-to-day life genuinely changed and renewed. 

Retreats are also a huge highlight of my work as I get to form deeper connections with you, and that is just my favorite. I hope you can join us.  I am also looking forward to sitting under the stars at night - so beautiful at Wilbur! 

To good living!


About me / teaching style:

I draw on the contemplative traditions of reiki, meditation, yoga, nutrition, positive psychology and integrative wellness to address the entire human experience - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I teach slow, strong and spirited vinyasa class. Classes are thoughtfully designed to the time of year, to nourish and create space in the spring for release and new beginnings. I find we’re often really conscious of what we're putting into our bodies, and perhaps a little harder to carve time and space to move, rest, release and recharge. This weekend offers exactly that.


Food - A combo of delicious Urban Remedy salads and Ayurvedic dinners. All food will be vegan + vegetarian and deeply nourishing. If you have a preference for meat/ fish, let me know and I am happy to accommodate.

Lodging - in beautiful solar room lodges. Your own cabin, or shared cabin with 1 person. I will partner you with someone awesome, same gender. (unless you don’t have a preference.) The lodging is beautiful, and also there are lots of places on the property to relax.

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Guided yoga + meditation.

All levels, all bodies welcome. A general level of fitness is helpful.

Friday 5pm yoga - Grounding flow. Focus on stretching through hips, shoulder and grounding in this beautiful space.

Saturday morning - 8 .- 8:30 meditation. 9:30am - 11am yoga - detox flow. a mind, body and spirit detox. tried and true practices from the yoga tradition to facilitate gentle cleanse and release.

Saturday afternoon - 4:30pm - slow flow and yoga nidra. yoga nidra is a power, deeply healing and relaxing meditation practice. it’s also known as yogic sleep, a place between sleeping and dreaming.

Sunday - 8am meditation. 9:30am yoga - 11am yoga.

12pm lunch and then depart anytime until 5pm.

To your wellbeing and filling your cup back up 🙏🏽


PS If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

PPS - if you can come early on Friday, awesome. You can arrive anytime after 12pm on Friday and stay until 5pm on Sunday.