A wild, beautiful, restful adventure. 

Friends, students, big hearted adventurers! I am SO excited to invite you to join me for a magical retreat on the island of Kauai.

If you haven’t yet been, Kauai is a lush, beautiful, majestic place.

There are 7 islands in Hawaii - each said to be one of the chakras (there are 7 chakras), and of course Kauai is the heart chakra :) it is abundant with greenery, wild and lush jungle, crystal clear waters in some areas, and enormous waves in others. it's truly an unbelievable place. I can't believe it exists on this planet, let alone being so close (relatively) to SF.  It is hard to do justice to the magic of Kauai but I can tell you it is one of my favorite places in the world and I hope to share with you my favorite ways to experience the island. 

Kauai feels like it hasn't changed since the beginning of time, in the best of ways. It is the least developed of the islands, except for Molokai, and everything has an easy breezy surfer town vibe here. 

I have been to Kauai 3 times and in each visit I have been fortunate to meet with locals as my aunt has had a home here for 15 years. I've found magical hidden coves you dream about, and been gifted a rare opportunity to return to an impeccable private meditation cave carved in the volcanic rock along the shoreline. And of course there is hiking to the hidden Shaman up in the hills of the garden island...

This is a yoga retreat and adventure trip.

So this place really sets the scene for the retreat ...

The daily yoga and meditation practices offered will really be designed to awaken that part of you that is like Kauai - pure beauty, majestic, clear, compassionate, powerful.

Over the last several years of studying and teaching yoga I have come to greatly appreciate the power of dedicated time to practice in inspiring places. Yoga retreats have been some of the most blissful experiences for me and have often lead to great transformation and growth after.

. . . . . . .

Each day will begin with morning meditation outside and yoga practice in the spacious yoga room or outside, depending on the heat. We'll also go to the beach nearby for a practice there one morning. Each afternoon we'll have an optional activity to adventure on a hike nearby, go to beautiful local beach and snorkel, or walk a labyrinth.

The pace is very relaxed. In between time from waking up to yoga, to a break after yoga before lunch, to the entire afternoon and evening - there is plenty of free time to read, walk the property, rest by the pool.  So you are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you like.


Consider joining us

This will be my third retreat in Hawaii, second in Kauai. The past several years I've had the privilege of guiding incredible people, from around the world and from SF to bask in the sweetness of Hawaii.

What you can expect:

- A deep connection to wild + rugged natural places. 

- Nourishing space, food and community. A refresh for your entire mind, body and spirit in eating delicious (mostly vegan + GF) organic food, drinking lots of water, juice, fresh coconut water! and taking great care of you. The property is very intentional designed and has a very peaceful vibe. And when you step into the energy of this experience, you will find a subtle and yet tangible, beautiful support from the community that forms.

- Themed yoga classes that meet you exactly where you are and offer an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the practice. Returning back home with practices that continue to nourish you.

- Deep release. Several days of not planning or needing to do anything at all really allows for release of the thinking mind and expansion of the mind, heart and spirit. We hold the space for you to release day to day responsibilities, obligations, and expectations and guide meaningful but open-ended practices - leaving plenty of space for you to reconnect with your own intuition and grace. 


Interested! Amazing! Let's chat.

I schedule a brief phone or in-person meeting with everyone before signing on to make sure this is a good fit.  It would be great if you came to a few of my classes before signing on so you know me, my teaching style and can have an idea of what to expect. 

Please read through this page, and then feel free to reach out to schedule a time to chat to julie@outdooryogasf.com


 sunset hike

sunset hike

 view from Nopali coast beach

view from Nopali coast beach

Hiking + Beaches

 This is the Hanalei beach - a 10 minute walk/ 2 min drive from the house.

This is the Hanalei beach - a 10 minute walk/ 2 min drive from the house.

 This is the St. Regis Beach. It's public and kayaks, surfboards, and fun water adventure here.

This is the St. Regis Beach. It's public and kayaks, surfboards, and fun water adventure here.


Authentic Indian style retreat center home with Kauai flare.

Accommodations are stunning, as you can see. This retreat center was built entirely with wood shipped over from southern India to create an authentic, spiritual paradise in Kauai. This is a truly one-of-a-kind place you won't find anywhere else. The living area and bedrooms are spacious with beautiful modern amenities in bathrooms. It is located near the town of Anahola on the northern coast and is a short ride (10-15 min) to Kappa and Hanalei, the two nearest towns and about 10 minutes to the beach.


 Grand entrance.

Grand entrance.

 Backyard pool. Lots more lounge chairs! Just not in view here.

Backyard pool. Lots more lounge chairs! Just not in view here.

 Stunning courtyard! Bedrooms are upstairs. 

Stunning courtyard! Bedrooms are upstairs. 

 beautiful bathrooms!

beautiful bathrooms!

 King bedroom

King bedroom

 Queen bedroom with twin

Queen bedroom with twin

 Dining area - doors open fully to outside to enjoy tropical paradise 24/7.

Dining area - doors open fully to outside to enjoy tropical paradise 24/7.

 backyard beauty

backyard beauty

Day Structure

This is a loose itinerary. The structure of the trip is open to change with group input and navigating any weather changes, etc. It's important that you know that even though I have a very high standard for trips and making everything 100% amazing for you in every way. It's simply important to know with a group flexibility and ease important.

Wake up-  leisure and quiet time. Breakfast of fresh juice, coffee + tea, smoothies, fruit, hard boiled eggs and anything else you want will be available in the morning.

7:30 - 8am - Morning meditation. Followed by a short break, then yoga.

Post yoga relax + wash up. Pack lunch for the road (we’ll have a cooler and explore in the afternoon.)



Retreaters arriving in the afternoon. Nothing planned. Just unpack, option to walk, swim, relax by the water. Dinner together + Restorative yoga at night.


Welcome ritual ceremony. Morning yoga + post yoga relax.

Early afternoon 3-6 mile hike @ Nopali coast. 10 minutes from house, out of this world hike along the coast + into rainforest. There are options to make the hike shorter if you prefer as it is an out and back hike, and any amount of hiking the Nopali coast is breathtaking.

Evening dinner @ house.


Morning yoga, journaling, meditation + post yoga relax.

Afternoon beach chill @ St. Regis public beach (gorgeous spot!) swimming, surfing available. also relaxing. 

Evening dinner @ house.

Restorative yoga + meditation after dinner.


Morning yoga, journaling, meditation + post yoga relax.

Afternoon swimming / chilling at the beach. Option to hike sleeping giant hike  or walk labyrinth.

Dinner out in Hanalei


Visit temple for morning meditation.

Late afternoon yoga.

Final special dinner @ house.

Evening dinner @ house.


Morning closing ritual + meditation before takeoff  🌺

What the Retreat Includes

loving hospitality.

and 5 nights in a beautiful Hawaiian house.

Daily Yoga!

+ Morning session 90 minutes daily

+  2-3 evening restorative yoga/ yoga nidra sessions.

+ 1 workshop on anything specific the group wants to learn about - inversions, ayurveda, playing harmonium, anything!

All meals

+ healthy, beautiful, 90% vegan, and organic whenever possible. We can easily accommodate for your specific food needs and preferences.

+ you will be assigned to help with one or two dinners on the trip along with 2 others :) it will be fun and light work. 


Includes travel to and from the airport + travel around the island.

It's worth noting that because everything is imported to Hawaii - from building materials to 90% of the food there, it's not a cheap place to visit. So just traveling on your own you would likely spend at least this amount on a luxury trip. And you of course get your whole trip planned, a ton of loving care and support, and high quality food + yoga.

Doesn't include: 1 night out to dinner locally in Hanalei for sushi or local spot. spend around $40 pp.



Accommodation + Rates

All rates listed are per person. 5 days + nights. Includes housing + travel around the island, food, and everything listed below. Each bedroom has it's own beautiful bathroom + shower.

Accommodation options: 

Option 1: Queen + Twin (5 rooms available)

Queen, all yours 2299.

Twin 2199.

Option 2: King + Twin (4 rooms available)

King, shared. 1899. 

Twin 2099.

Option 3: Shared room - 2 queens, 2 twins (1 room available.)

Queen, all yours. 2199.

Twin 1999.

*Early pricing - save $100 before Sept 15th 2018.

What makes this retreat special? 

Kauai! Kauai is incredibly spiritual and special place. 

Travel around the island and knowledge of local place. Most retreats don't include travel while you're there. I love to adventure and explore nature and various beautiful places and love that we can travel while we're here. We rent a few minivans and caravan around locally. All drives are 15 - 45 minutes, mostly on the shorter side.

The retreat home. Beautiful, inspiring, peaceful home. Open, airy and also very grounded and rooted feeling.

Us :) While I lead the retreat, there is a beautiful support team of 2-3 people that join to cook meals, assist in classes, drive and generally support to take great care of you.

Timing. The retreat is 5 days long. If you have the time, we encourage you to arrive early or stay a few extra days and enjoy Hawaii. My favorite place to stay before and after the retreat is Kauai Shores Hotel. You are also welcome to arrive on Saturday, the day before the retreat begins at the rate of $200/ night. We will be in and out prepping for the retreat so it will be very quiet and you are welcome to relax at the home.

To sign up 

1) Please email me to set up a time to talk. Let me know a few times you are available. You can ask me anything! and I'll just review with you overview of trip. I want to make sure it's a good fit for you and us as we are all together for 5 days and easy going group energy is very important for the benefit of everyone.

my email is julie@outdooryogasf.com

2) To sign up, please send 50% deposit and your room preference to me on Venmo. As rooms are taken, I will update the site so you can see what is available. Please double check availability with me on rooms before sending!


Hawaii was everything I could of hoped for and more...

Hawaii was more impactful than you can imagine! It was everything I hoped for and more. It came at such a perfect time for me. I was definitely needing the rest, the play, the exploration and a shift away from work (even though I love it). It was obvious in the flow and ease of the week that you clearly dedicated your time and energy into making this retreat incredibly special. So much gratitude for you, thank you..

So you're booked!! Flight info coming soon!

Your trip includes pick up and drop off to and from airport according to group timing..

If you're already on the island, you can meet us at the house, or we can pick you up from the airport. An uber to/from house will be $30- $50.

Flying on Saturday, recommended flights from Bay area:

Hawaiian flight 321, 9:05am - 12:55pm. OAK direct to LIH, Kauai.

Hawaiian Flight 11, 8:15am - 12:55pm. SFO to HNL. 1:30pm - 2:12pm, HNL to LIH, Kauai.

*There will be a 1:15pm pickup and a 3pm pick up on Tuesday.


Flying out on Sunday, recommended flights to Bay area:

Hawaiian Flight 68, 2:10pm - 9:30pm. LIH, Kauai direct to OAK.

Hawaiian Flight 204, 11am - 12:55pm. LIH to HNL. 1:40pm - 8:45pm, HNL to SFO.

*There will be a 10am and 12pm drop off on Sunday.


Hawaiian Mastercard Miles!! The other HUGE! travel perk, is that you can essential fly to Hawaii for free if your willing to open a new credit card. To take advantage of this, go to www.hawaiianairlines.com and begin to book a trip. When you get to the payment section, they’ll offer you an opportunity to earn 50k miles when you open a Hawaiian Barclay’s Mastercard. The card costs $89 and you have to spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months to earn the miles. The you get to fly to Hawaii free! and you get an extra bonus - 50% off ticket for another trip that year! It’s so worth it. 


Mahalo! Can't wait to see you in Hawaii !!