A wild, beautiful, restful adventure. 

Friends, students, big hearted adventurers! I am SO excited to invite you to join me for a magical retreat on the island of Kauai.

If you haven’t yet been, Kauai is a lush, beautiful, majestic place.

Spiritual seekers / peeps have come to know each of the Hawaiian islands as it corresponds to one of the seven chakras. Kauai, in particular, is known as the island of intuition, connected with your third eye, the place of inner knowing and clear seeing.

From the moment I landed there on my first visit several years ago it felt like my heart and mind were syncing up. Like the sync between phone and computer! The outer beauty - insanely gorgeous mountains, streams, crystal waters.. connected to a very healing, beautiful inner place. Each time I’ve been here has been a transformative trip in that I just arrive however I am (usually exhausted) and surrender to the healing nature of the island.. each time walking away in awe of my time here.. feeling most alive, radiant and recharged and ready to grow in my life.

The daily yoga and meditation practices offered will come from that place draw on the healing powers of the island… reconnecting to intuition, clear seeing, and inner sanctuary space. Re-entering the world from a balanced, clear place.

This is the Hanalei beach - a 10 minute walk/ 2 min drive from the house.

This is the Hanalei beach - a 10 minute walk/ 2 min drive from the house.

Why Kauai?

Kauai is super special!!

I can't believe it exists on this planet, let alone being so close (relatively) to San Francisco - where I am based! It’s hard to do justice to the magic of Kauai, you just have to go :) But its rugged, untamed, yet gentle and nurturing. It feels like it hasn't changed since the beginning of time in the best of ways. It is the least developed of the islands, except for Molokai, and the North Shore (where we’re staying) has an easy breezy surfer town vibe. 



What is the style of the trip?

This is a yoga retreat and adventure trip.

Each day will begin with morning meditation outside and yoga practice in the spacious yoga room or outside, depending on the heat. We'll also go to the beach nearby for a practice there one morning. Each afternoon we'll have an optional activity to adventure on a hike nearby, go to beautiful local beach and snorkel, or walk a labyrinth.

The pace is very relaxed. In between time from waking up to yoga, to a break after yoga before lunch, to the entire afternoon and evening - there is plenty of free time to read, walk the property, rest by the pool.  So you are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you like.

Consider joining us


This will be my third retreat in Hawaii, my second retreat in Kauai. The past several years I've had the privilege of guiding incredible people, from around the world and from SF to bask in the sweetness of Aloha vibes!

What you can expect:

- A deep connection to wild + rugged natural places. 

- Themed yoga classes that meet you exactly where you are and offer an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the practice. Returning back home with practices that continue to nourish you.

- Nourishing space, food and community. A refresh for your entire mind, body and spirit in eating delicious (mostly vegan + GF) organic food, drinking lots of water, juice, fresh coconut water! and taking great care of you. The property is very intentional designed and has a very peaceful vibe. And when you step into the energy of this experience, you will find a subtle and yet tangible, beautiful support from the community that forms.

- Deep release. Several days of not planning or needing to do anything at all really allows for release of the thinking mind and expansion of the mind, heart and spirit. We hold the space for you to release day to day responsibilities, obligations, and expectations and guide meaningful but open-ended practices - leaving plenty of space for you to reconnect with your own intuition and grace. 



sunset hike

sunset hike

view from Nopali coast beach

view from Nopali coast beach

Hiking + Beaches

This is the St. Regis Beach. It's public and kayaks, surfboards, and fun water adventure here.

This is the St. Regis Beach. It's public and kayaks, surfboards, and fun water adventure here.


What makes this retreat special? 

Kauai! Kauai is incredibly spiritual and special place. 

Being able to travel/ move around the island and my knowledge of Kauai. Kauai is the kind of place you want to see and explore so we rent vans on the island and chauffeur you and our crew around to hikes, beaches and little markets! Everything is close in distance but it’s important for me to have us be mobile. Most yoga retreats do not include this option.

The retreat home. Beautiful, inspiring, peaceful home. Open, airy and also very grounded and rooted feeling.

This team :) I lead the retreat and have a 2 incredible people supporting that give hands on assists in classes, support with meals, drive and are here with me to take great care of you.

Timing. The retreat is 6 days long. If you have the time, we encourage you to arrive early or stay a couple extra days and enjoy Hawaii. My favorite place to stay before and after the retreat is Kauai Shores Hotel. You are also welcome to arrive on Saturday, the day before the retreat begins at the rate of $200/ night. We will be in and out prepping for the retreat so it will be very quiet and you are welcome to come relax at the home with us.

Accommodations - Authentic Indian style retreat center home with Kauai flare.

Accommodations are stunning!! I can’t post photos because it is a private space but feel free to email me for more info. This retreat center was built with wood shipped over from southern India to create an authentic, spiritual paradise in Kauai. This is a truly one-of-a-kind place you won't find anywhere else. The living area and bedrooms are spacious with beautiful modern amenities in bathrooms. It is located near the town of Anahola on the northern coast and is a short ride (10-15 min) to Kappa and Hanalei, the two nearest towns and about 10 minutes to the beach.

There are 18 spaces for us, including our team - me, Kirin + Sarah.

The site is up to date with rooms still available!

Let’s go!

Hawaii was everything I could of hoped for and more...

Hawaii was more impactful than you can imagine! It was everything I hoped for and more. It came at such a perfect time for me. I was definitely needing the rest, the play, the exploration and a shift away from work (even though I love it). It was obvious in the flow and ease of the week that you clearly dedicated your time and energy into making this retreat incredibly special. So much gratitude for you, thank you..

So you're booked!! Flight info coming soon!

Your trip includes pick up and drop off to and from airport according to group timing..

If you're already on the island, you can meet us at the house, or we can pick you up from the airport. An uber to/from house will be $30- $50.

Flying on Saturday, recommended flights from Bay area:

Hawaiian flight 321, 9:05am - 12:55pm. OAK direct to LIH, Kauai.

Hawaiian Flight 11, 8:15am - 12:55pm. SFO to HNL. 1:30pm - 2:12pm, HNL to LIH, Kauai.

*There will be a 1:15pm pickup and a 3pm pick up on Saturday.


Flying out on Thursday, recommended flights to Bay area:

Hawaiian Flight 68, 2:10pm - 9:30pm. LIH, Kauai direct to OAK.

Hawaiian Flight 204, 11am - 12:55pm. LIH to HNL. 1:40pm - 8:45pm, HNL to SFO.

*There will be a 10am and 12pm drop off on Thursday.


Hawaiian Mastercard Miles!! The other HUGE! travel perk, is that you can essential fly to Hawaii for free if your willing to open a new credit card. To take advantage of this, go to www.hawaiianairlines.com and begin to book a trip. When you get to the payment section, they’ll offer you an opportunity to earn 50k miles when you open a Hawaiian Barclay’s Mastercard. The card costs $89 and you have to spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months to earn the miles. The you get to fly to Hawaii free! and you get an extra bonus - 50% off ticket for another trip that year! It’s so worth it. 


Mahalo! Can't wait to see you in Hawaii !!