Learn the foundations of mindfulness and gain access to your own inner resource of calm, confidence, and clarity.


This is a powerful introductory course that leverages the tools of mindfulness, positive psychology, and scientific, evidence-based practices to expand our capacity for wellbeing over the course of 8 weeks.

In a nutshell - this practice helps us to train our minds.

And our mind is the most important filter we have. When it is scattered, clogged, foggy - everything is diminished. Mindfulness is an accessible, invaluable tool that when learned in practice with others helps us stick with the practice, and make it a habit. When we have this tool as a habit, we can master our thoughts, our days, and what is possible in our lives.

We live in a busy, demanding world, and this time we spend together will create a powerful container for learning and practice that will greatly improve your ability to cultivate clarity, energy and focus for that which is most important to you, to become comfortable in your own powerful presence, and to access your deep well of inner resilience for stressful times.

This curriculum is based on the mindfulness based stress reduction curriculum (MBSR), positive psychology, and combining eastern and western philosophies to engage participants in the art of mindfulness for everyday living. Today is the day to begin!

Key concepts we’ll explore + benefits you’ll gain from taking this course

  • Manage stress: Learn the physiology of stress, how to identify and respond to your personal stress triggers, and science-tested ways to activate your body’s “rest response” through breath, conscious awareness, and meditation

  • Understand the mind: learn the basic wiring of the brain, the common thinking traps that keep us stuck, and learn how to build mental and emotional resilience.

  • Emotional Intelligence: using mindfulness, learn how to grow in our emotional awareness and intelligence. We’ll use the skills of mindfulness and compassion to “bounce back” after emotional setback, and practice mindfulness to communicate more effectively with others.  

  • Creating a Value-Motivated Life: why continue to practice mindfulness? Dig into the heart of it with revisiting values, motivation, and the bigger picture of mindfulness in your life.

How it works

  • Meet once a week for 60 minutes over 8 weeks. Ideally this is in person. The format is about 20 minutes of learning, 30 minutes of practice, 20 minutes for reflection/ questions and answers.

  • Meet once a week on zoom for 20 minutes. 20 minute meditation, 10 minutes for questions + reflection after.

Why this course

  • Me, your lead facilitator! Enthusiasm and knowledge of meditation, compassionate teacher, and relatable. I have been a passionate student of meditation since I was 14 years old because of my direct experience with the practice. I have been a dedicated student, practitioner, and teacher since 2013, and I have studied both western and eastern traditions of meditation with leading teachers in the NYC and Bay area. I have been teaching and recording meditation for the last 4 years to make the practice accessible for all people, particularly those who are curious about living a rich, full, and conscious life. Having a teacher and community are two of the very best ways to dig into and stick with a practice. There are no spiritual beliefs required to greatly benefit from this practice, and I know my approachable demeanor and lightheartedness around a big topic creates a warm and engaging environment.

  • Learning and practicing in community. Feel supported as you create momentum towards building a lifelong habit. Committing to a goal and holding each other accountable has so many positive effects for us. Most of us are much more likely to stick with our commitment long enough to make it a habit we can continue on our own, and it also makes us feel good to connect in a deeper way and encourage one another on this journey of whole body wellbeing.

  • Measure your results over time. “What gets measured gets managed” and usually gets better too! As much as mindfulness is not about achieving anything! It’s helpful to track indicators of emotions over time. Once we start seeing and feeling momentum in a positive direction, it offers that much motivation to keep going. Each week at the beginning and end of each session, you will document how you’re feeling, what you’re noticing, and again take note mid-week, and use this metric as an important practice to take inventory of our wellbeing. This regular practice, on its own, is tremendously helpful to generate a deeper sense of awareness and clarity.

Join the mindfulness and self mastery course!

I’m thrilled to offer this class publicly in an online forum beginning in the week of July 8th, 2019.

Classes will be Monday nights from 7-8:15PM PST.

And Thursday morning practice session from 8-8:20AM.


What if you can’t make a session?

They will be recorded so you can listen another time. It is of course best for you if you can prioritize the sessions and be present as much as possible.

Why do this instead of meditating on my own?

Have you already made that a goal, and haven’t stuck to it? It’s ok, you’re human. Me too. So that’s one primary reason - to have each other to hold accountable and stick to the practice.

To learn and really take note as you go - learning the science, sharing with peers, being inspired by information from master teachers - curated and passed down through me to you - all of these help us build the momentum and start the ball rolling to make this a habit.