When people find out I teach yoga, they ask: what kind of yoga?

That question always makes me happy! The word about yoga and the different styles is out, and that is great.

Most of what I teach in public classes is a slow, strong vinyasa class. Vinyasa means to place in a special way, with reverence. To have flow from movement to movement, with the breath. Slow enough to feel like you’ve really done the pose and fluid enough so that you feel you’ve moved in ways you haven’t all day and freed the channels of energy in your body.

My goal is to create safe space for you to move with intention, to move skillfully and playfully, and to connect within as the foundation to enrich every part of our lives.

I have multiple trainings in the wellness field including yoga teacher training, MSBR meditation training, Healing Touch Energy healing, Reiki and Health supportive Culinary and Holistic Nutrition training. I have also had the privilege of studying with Sri Dharma Mittra, Stephanie Snyder, Janet Stone, Tiffany Crushank, and other incredible master teachers.

My teachings are always current and evolving, as I carve out several hours each week to practice and study, as well as at least 2 weeks a year in trainings. 

You can find me teaching Yoga and meditation around SF, leading retreats, teaching corporate yoga and privates. Reach out! I can’t wait to hear from you.


My experience + training


Yoga + Wellness teacher, Julianne aiello yoga. 

Offering corporate yoga + wellness, private classes,  wellness coaching, and essential oils healing. 



With a mission to bring more people outside and sharing in the magic of nature, yoga and community in San Francisco. Founded in August 2015.

Education + Trainings

Reiki 1 + Reiki 2, Spring 2018 with Greg Wieting.

50 HR Advanced Assisting, Spring 2018 with Janet Stone.

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Fall 2017, Love Story Yoga with Stephanie Snyder and team.

50 HR Intuitive Sequencing Training, March 2017 with Janet Stone.

50 HR Chanting, Spring 2017 with Janet Stone.

Yoga Nidra + Yoga Assisting Training with Stephanie Snyder + Martin Scott, Fall 2016.

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Fall 2015, The Pad Studios.

Healing Touch Level 1 Training. With Rauni King @ Pacific Pearl La Jolla. April 2016.

Holistic Culinary + Nutrition Training. 700 HR Natural Gourmet Institute Graduate (NYC) Spring 2014.

Positive Psychology Training with Kayleigh Pleas. Fall 2014

Study and Practice @ Yoga Barn in Bali - May 2015 for 4 weeks with master teachers