Hey there, thanks for being curious about me.

I'm curious about you too!


A bit about my journey into yoga..

I was lucky to be introduced to mediation at 14 and it totally rocked my world. As a seeker of deep experiences from a young age, and also as a somewhat high energy, mind-bouncing around kid and having trouble focusing in school, meditation was an incredible tool I was literally mesmerized by upon learning. Within a few short months of meditating in a small town in NJ with people two to four times my age, I was transitioning out of my rebellious teen ways and starting to focus on school, and finding my ability to be present and learn much easier.  There was wisdom there in that place, with those people. Something to trust. Something to learn from. And now, over time and with practice, I have realized that wisdom lives within me and each of us. Connecting within, to my peace, gives me hope, love, and the gift of presence in my life. Its why I continue to practice today.

I spent many years in my twenties in school, leading outdoor adventures for young adults, and then several years living in New York city, working in marketing.  I lead a marketing team in food, health + wellness, and also trained and competed for years in triathlons. I worked hard and pushed my body quite hard. Eventually my "power through it", eager to change the world ambition started to wear thin. My drive and body crashed, and in 2013 I came back to yoga as a regular practice to start to heal my body. In April 2015, I quit my job, traveled around the world, studied yoga in Bali with some of the worlds greatest teachers, and adventured across Asia. In being there, in seeing the true leadership and potential of a life rooted in the yoga teachings, I knew I wanted to recommit to my practice even more fully and to teach.

Since that time, yoga has been the balancing force in my life to bring me back to center. To ground and to connect. It has given me a real structure, sacred teachings, a daily practice to grow with.

Yoga helps me to lead my life from my strengths, to navigate the unknowns and hard times in a life with a little more grace, and to create space in my life for the things that matter most. With daily practice, I find yoga brings me joy, more clarity and more purpose. And it is my intention for you that I can support you with this practice, in mind, body and spirit, to fully engage in this lived experience and in the yoga practice.

I so look forward to connecting with you in San Francisco, New York or here through the magic of the internet.

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out via email (link below) and follow me on social to stay up to date for yoga love.

Love and light,