Hey there, thanks for being curious about me.

I'm curious about you too!


A bit about my journey into yoga..

I navigating my career path I realized I was really navigating the question of what I wanted my life to be about. I had been running triathlons and searching for approval through work and my ability to win races. That insatiable seeking eventually lead to a breakdown as it no longer worked! and I desperately turned towards the things that were making me feel good. Yoga was at the top of that list along with the teachers I started to discover, coaches, music! and dear friends and family. I have a crystal clear memory of that time and vacillating between feeling like wow - there's a long road ahead, and WOW, thank God, the universe, whoever and whatever is guiding me here to this practice and this support system.

And now look at me! I'm a whole new person!

I'm really just more of the person I have always been, and you have always been. Warm, confident, graceful, strong, honest, clear and loving communicator, making plenty of mistakes along the way and forgiving myself and others with plenty of laughs along the way.

And so are you, all of this and MORE. 

While there are literally a million and one reasons I love yoga, I have realized it's not a hobby. It's a lived experience. Yoga is a living practice that brings out the goodness in me and the people around me. I have no doubt there are many treasures you will discover in this practice.

And so after many hours of studying and practicing with some of the world's top teachers, I have turned back to this practice again and again as I walk through this life that is a gift. To remember that I have the ability within me to be my own greatest support system, to nourish and heal, to thrive. To remember that I have a right to be here, with ease and presence, in my body and in my heart and mind.

I believe living with grace and ease is a practice, and that we can choose to make this practice our own.

Since that time, yoga has been the balancing force in my life to bring me back to center. To ground and to connect. It has given me a real structure, sacred teachings, a daily practice to grow with.

Yoga helps me to lead my life from my strengths, to navigate the unknowns and hard times in a life with a little more grace, and to create space in my life for the things that matter most. With daily practice, I find yoga brings me joy, more clarity and more purpose. And it is my intention for you that I can support you with this practice, in mind, body and spirit, to fully engage in this lived experience and in the yoga practice.

I so look forward to connecting with you in San Francisco, New York or here through the magic of the internet.

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out via email (link below) and follow me on social to stay up to date for yoga love.

Love and light,