Recharge, restore and move into the winter season gracefully.

Begins Friday, 12pm. Ends Sundays, 12pm.

Location: My parents beautiful riverfront home in Oceanport, NJ. 


As the light dissipates, it is a natural, seasonal time for us to find a slower rythm even as the holidays and other worldly activities continue to cycle. This weekend will offer time, support, nourishment for mind body and spirit to enjoy practices that are nourishing, integrating, and power us back up in a sustainable way. 

This retreat will include plenty of hands-on assists, essential oils, props, delicious healthy food, and great company.

we want to embrace this idea of moving into a busy holi

our bodies are called to slow down even as the world outside keeps moving in frenetic laps. During this week, drop into the body, mind, spirit to find spaces between effort and surrender, allowing our systems to release into its great integrative power.

I invite you to indulge in this time and space for yourself and join me for a restful, joyful weekend.

We’ll explore:

  • Ways to replenish the nervous system
  • Practices to move out of the fight or flight cyclical response and learn to nourish adrenals
  • Slow practices to cultivate sustainable power from the inside out
  • Restorative postures you can do on your own
  • Meditation 
  • Pranayama (breathwork) to detoxify, balance


Photos coming soon!


Wake up-  leisure and quiet time. Breakfast of fresh juice, coffee + tea, smoothies, fruit, hard boiled eggs and anything else you need will be available in the morning.

Around 8- 8:20am - Morning meditation. Followed by a short break, then yoga around 8:45 - 10:15am

Post yoga relax + wash up.



Retreaters arrive by 12pm.

Lunch. Afternoon Yoga.


Quiet down - 30 minutes of restorative yoga


Morning yoga

Late breakfast / early lunch

1 hour discussion.

Afternoon massage


Restorative yoga


Morning yoga, journaling, meditation + post yoga relax.

Morning closing ritual

What the Retreat Includes

loving hospitality

and 2 nights in a beautiful riverfront

Daily Yoga

+ Morning session 90 minutes daily

+  2-3 evening restorative yoga/ yoga nidra sessions.

+ 1 workshop on anything specific the group wants to learn about - inversions, ayurveda, playing harmonium, anything!

All meals

+ Healthy, beautiful, 90% vegan, and organic whenever possible. We can easily accommodate for your specific food needs and preferences.

+ You are welcome to contribute to meals if you like to chop, learn, cook. Food is healing and it's such a luxury to have time to prepare it! So we (we have a chef team!) welcome you to join on this part, or if you prefer to simply enjoy the food that's perfect too.


Accommodation + Rates

All rates listed are per person.

Accommodation options: 

Bedroom 1: Master King, shared.

1200/ person

Bedroom 2: King, shared.

1000/ person

Bedroom 3: King, shared

1000/ person:

Bedroom 4: Queen, shared

900/ person

Bedroom 5: 2 twins

1200/ person

 To sign up 

1) Please email me to set up a time to talk. Let me know a few times you are available. You can ask me anything! and I'll just review with you overview of trip. I want to make sure it's a good fit for you and us as we are all together for 5 days and easy going group energy is very important for the benefit of everyone.

my email is

2) To officially confirm your spot (YES!) please send either a 30% deposit or a 50% and your room preference to me. Options are 1) Venmo. 2) Paypal to If sending paypal please send as "friends and family" so there are no fees. 3) Send me a check. I will send you my address if you prefer check option. 

As rooms are taken, I will update the site so you can see what is available. Please double check availability with me on rooms before sending!


Hawaii was everything I could of hoped for and more...

Hawaii was more impactful than you can imagine! It was everything I hoped for and more. It came at such a perfect time for me. I was definitely needing the rest, the play, the exploration and a shift away from work (even though I love it). It was obvious in the flow and ease of the week that you clearly dedicated your time and energy into making this retreat incredibly special. So much gratitude for you, thank you..

So you're booked!! Flight info coming soon!

Your trip includes pick up and drop off to and from airport according to group timing..

If you're already on the island, you can meet us at the house, or we can pick you up from the airport. An uber to/from house will be $30- $50.

Flying on Saturday, recommended flights from Bay area:

Hawaiian flight 321, 9:05am - 12:55pm. OAK direct to LIH, Kauai.

Hawaiian Flight 11, 8:15am - 12:55pm. SFO to HNL. 1:30pm - 2:12pm, HNL to LIH, Kauai.

*There will be a 1:15pm pickup and a 3pm pick up on Tuesday.


Flying out on Sunday, recommended flights to Bay area:

Hawaiian Flight 68, 2:10pm - 9:30pm. LIH, Kauai direct to OAK.

Hawaiian Flight 204, 11am - 12:55pm. LIH to HNL. 1:40pm - 8:45pm, HNL to SFO.

*There will be a 10am and 12pm drop off on Sunday.


Hawaiian Mastercard Miles!! The other HUGE! travel perk, is that you can essential fly to Hawaii for free if your willing to open a new credit card. To take advantage of this, go to and begin to book a trip. When you get to the payment section, they’ll offer you an opportunity to earn 50k miles when you open a Hawaiian Barclay’s Mastercard. The card costs $89 and you have to spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months to earn the miles. The you get to fly to Hawaii free! and you get an extra bonus - 50% off ticket for another trip that year! It’s so worth it.