Heal from the inside out.

For many years yoga was only taught one-on-one, teacher to student, with the wisdom of creating a real and powerful connection between the two.


As students, we many come to the practice for any number of reasons. Common ones are to release stress, increase flexibility, boost energy, lose weight, get support in working the practice around injuries, feel inner peace.

Whatever your calling to the practice, it is perfect. Let it draw you in!

As we move through life, we experience and accumulate ‘successes and failures’. These are emotional, physical, mental experiences that get stores in the tissues, muscles and of course the mind. They can manifest through injury, anxiety, confusion. With a keen awareness of the mind-body connection, we work with the yoga postures to support your body and physical wellbeing while addressing issues on a more subtle level.

In my personal practice and as teaching, yoga often feels like therapy without the talking. We are moving through the physical body, the breath, lungs, heart, the power of the legs - to connect more directly with our inherent beauty, power and ability to thrive.

My job as a skilled teacher is to meet you where you are with a warm, effective approach that addresses the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Planning sequences that support, challenge and meet you where you are, and adjusting as we work together.

One of my favorite themes from the Yoga Sutras says there are thousands of ways into the yoga practice, and they all lead to one. Whatever has called you here, I am so excited for you, your curiosity, your potential, and the ways I can support you. I know private lessons are an investment, and they’re one of the best I’ve made in my life as they have moved me forward leaps and bounds in my own practice. Yoga is a practice you can keep for a lifetime. It is a sustainable, long-term, and in my opinion, an incredibly beautiful approach to living.

I look forward to supporting you!


I offer privates in a series of 6 sessions as I’ve found that working together at least once a week consistently is really helpful for both of us, and allows you to feel committed to giving the practice just a little bit of time to talk hold! Though I know you will feel the benefits after our first session too. If you’d like to start with just one sessions to try working together, I am happy to do that as well.

1 session rate - 250

6 session rate - 180/ session, 1080 total.

These are the rates for practicing at my home studio in Russian Hill. If you’d like me to come to you I am happy to do so at an additional rate depending on where you are.