I attended the Kauai yoga retreat and it was a life enhancing experience.  Julie has a special gift of creating a warm, safe and sacred space free of judgement.  She and her staff made me feel pampered and nurtured.  I am from Ohio, knew no one and am 30 years older than most of the attendees; yet despite our differences, within  two - three days, I had a deeper shared understanding of those I shared the week with, than I do many people I have known for years.  

The yoga is healing and I looked forward to our practice daily.  I am a beginner Yoga practitioner, and was able to “keep up”.   The food and the adventures were beyond wonderful.  I cannot say enough!  

If you have the opportunity to go - sign up! You will not regret it.  

- Barb. Student from Kauai Spring 2018 retreat

I couldn’t rave about Julie’s retreats enough. She is the perfect planner and takes all of the hassle out of trip organization and travel with her retreats. From morning practice to meal planning to daily adventures, the February 2018 Kauai retreat went beyond my wildest expectations. Her yoga sessions are the best mix of relaxation and strength. You’ll come away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and in a state of bliss.

- Mary B. Student from Kauai Spring 2018 retreat

Julie’s yoga retreat in Kauai was absolutely magical. It was obvious she put her heart and soul into every aspect of the trip from bringing together an amazing group of women to cooking delicious meals to leading us on transformative adventures. Experiencing the infectious passion and energy of her yoga classes daily was a powerful force throughout the trip. The memories and learnings from our time in Kauai will stay with me forever! 

- Stephanie. Student from Kauai Spring 2018 retreat

Missing Kauai. I definitely came back feeling renewed and refreshed even though it was a crazy week back at work. The trip was such a great reminder of how good yoga makes me feel. This retreat was amazing. Julie is such a great teacher and did an incredible job making sure the trip was a special experience. It was the perfect balance of yoga, meditation, relaxation, and adventuring around the island. All of the women on the trip were also so great and supportive. None of us knew each other before the trip, but we ended it feeling like close friends!

- Student from Kauai Spring 2018 retreat


"Your thoughtfulness of putting the right amount of structure and detail to the weekend whereby it felt like there was none. There was a perfect fluidity to each day...masterful work.  Shortly behind that was the actual yoga practice and meditations You have a beautiful voice and your guidance takes me to a special place."

Student from Sonoma March 2017 retreat

"I got way more out of it than I was expecting. What would I tell a friend? Do it! Make it happen! It is truly one of the most amazing things I have done for myself. I am still bathing in the afterglow."

- Dana P  Sonoma March 2017 retreat

"It is such a great experience. You meet great people and practice yoga in a calm and natural environment. I loved sharing time between yoga practice, being social, but also having down time to read or relax and reflect on my own. The setting was stunning and honestly I'd come back even just for the food :) also just generally being around inspiring women was great."

- Natalia  Sonoma March 2017 retreat

Hey Julie! I just wanted to let you know that although I haven't been able to practice with you since our retreat (I've been traveling so much!) I've been practicing and one thing that I've really taken away from our retreat is to "come back to the mat". Though I've held pretty close to the beauty of the yoga practice, I now have a deeper appreciation for my mat and that it's my vehicle in so many ways. I've learned to respect and love the mat more and now when I step on it I just feel more present. You inspired that in me. Just wanted to share that with you. Thank you for all of your teachings.

- FM.  Sonoma March 2017 retreat

"Julie creates a truly special environment to really retreat! From her thoughtfully designed meals, to her supportive + creative yoga classes, and all the little details in between -- you are truly transported to a place of comfort, relaxation, and healthy indulgence.  I was also impressed by the people who joined - kind, open-minded, really great people. Not many people knew each other she created a really warm, relaxing environment where we felt so welcome. I can't recommend this enough - for anyone needing to rest, change things up and get perspective, or simply pause in this busy life. I found all of this and more on retreat in Sonoma with Julie. Enjoy!"

- Lacy S.   Sonoma Fall 2016 Retreat

"Julie ran the most thoughtful retreat nestled in a serene Sonoma setting in November. Her yoga sessions were attentive in what time of day it was and her meals were seasonally focused and nourishing. Its amazing how great I feel - rejuvenated, focused, and ready to re-enter the world with intention, and to stay grounded in the madness of the holiday season! And I'm 100% in for the next retreat!!"

Student from Sonoma Fall 2016 + Spring 2017 Retreat

Julianne created a beautifully balanced weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation in Sonoma. Her yoga practices are both restorative for some, and challenging for others. For me this was perfect, my body felt like it was really able to open up and release. The attention to detail of food and meals she prepared made this weekend unforgettable - she's really an incredibly talented chef and we ate the most nutritious and delicious eats all weekend long. For anyone who appreciates food, yoga, being around the great people that she attracts and a beautiful environment, I highly recommend!

- Sarah B   Sonoma Fall 2016 Retreat

I recently returned from an amazing yoga retreat with Julie in Sonoma, CA. I hadn't done yoga in years but felt the call to be good to myself, rejuvenate and was hoping to acquire some new healthy habits - meditation to name one. I consider myself a healthy eater, I exercise almost daily and I do my best to ward of stress the best I can, As a mom and working full-time, this is of course always a juggle. So this trip was a perfect time to take a time out and bring me to the next level of self care, for me!

Arriving in beautiful Sonoma & pulling into the driveway of a spectacular home, I knew we were at the start of something great. Julianne had welcome notes on our beds, and well wishes for a beautiful weekend together. We had an idea of the itinerary, with yoga and meditation, added tours of a winery and a gorgeous park and down time in between all of it. In addition, Julie shared her culinary talents and nourished us with healthy yummy meals and snacks through. I was very impressed with how she moved gracefully through all of it and made us feel so special and cared for. I appreciated how much time and energy she put into the planning of this retreat, and it truly exceeded my expectations.

I am home now and back to reality, and Julie as well as all of the really impressive people on the retreat have inspired me to continue with meditation and to incorporate more yoga into my life, as well as a new awareness of how I fuel my body. I feel amazing right now! I am so happy to have received all of the recipes from our retreat, a great bonus. I'm totally into and I've already made one of the meals and done a meditation from the website. My only regret is that I don't live in San Francisco to take Julianne's classes on a regular basis. I am looking forward to the next retreat. I can't wait!!!

- Marisa L.   Sonoma Fall 2016 Retreat