Winter 2018 Public Classes

wednesdays @ 7:45pm

the pad studios

A mid-week opportunity to slow down and be exactly as you are with your breath and your body. This is a vinyasa style class with a slow, steady pace. We will release stagnant energy, build strength and tap into a deep flow state preparing you for an amazing night of rest to follow.

Sundays @3:30pm


Recharge your mind, body and spirit in one of the most beautiful places in the world with our amazing community. Wear headphones and enjoy an all-levels class with sweet beats and instruction.

Be sure to check the schedule before signing up as class times to change according to season!


special offerings.

please stay in touch on my newsletter for workshop dates!


ESSENTIAL OILS WORKSHOP @ russian hill private studio.

This workshop is super fun, creative and healing! We'll cover

- What essential oils are !

- how essential oils support your emotional wellbeing - reduce stress, anxiety, help with better sleep, happiness, energy.

- how can make your own amazing blends and create "your scent" that both smells amazing and helps you find balance in your life.

This class will leave you in awe of nature's fragrant healing powers. You'll leave with 3 blends and a better understanding of how to use essential oils to support your wellbeing.