We are here to heal and flourish. I am here to help.

Our entire being - body, mind and spirit are designed to heal. And an humans we thrive on connection, support, and we move forward with help from each other. We were never designed to ‘go it alone’ and finding resources that resonate can change the course of our future.


For over ten years, the practices of yoga and reiki have taken me to new places within myself. With support and dedication, I have recovered from many years of chronic injuries from running and sports. I have shifted what were once common states anxiety, confusion and to feeling more purposeful excitement and clarity.

I am more rooted in my own presence, and that has rippled out in a big way into what matters most - my relationships, family, work and contribution. I know without a doubt that this is possible for you, too.

I believe we are all here to share our unique gifts with the world and to experience the deep joy of being alive regardless of outer circumstances. And for various reasons - modern day stressors, past traumas and family history, as well as day to day challenges and our environment - can all dull our power and presence. This can manifest as anxiety, depression, injury, illness. Dis-ease. Or maybe just a sense that there is more to life. More wisdom, joy, presence and purpose - or whatever it is YOU desire.

“Flourishing” is the term used to describe individuals who are living lives filled with meaning, growth, connection, resilience, and positive emotion. Sadly, research demonstrates less than 20% of the US population is flourishing. Most of us are just getting by, skimming the surface of our lives and our potential. The power of reiki helps us to clear energy pathways, remember our right to be here and to know our potential.


Reiki is healing practice that is deeply relaxing, subtly energizing, and works on gently opens energy pathways to allow the body to heal itself. As a practitioner, I offer the healing energy of reiki through the gentle touch. Reiki returns us to a relaxed, alert awareness through this touch.


As humans, touch it is the only sense we can not live without. As babies we'll die without touch, and as adults, it is essential for growth, connection, and thriving. Reiki creates a sense of safety and deep relaxation, and allows the body to take in energy, clear stuck channels, and begins to free up our vital life force. Reiki is a very gentle, non-invasive and sustainable practice in that it meets you where you are. Creating access to your own renewing life-force energy within can disrupt negative thoughts and patterns that are causing low energy and vibration, and can support us to feel stable in a higher, clear energy that is our own and really is our natural state. Old traumas and patterns that are restricting our growth and joy can keep us operating in a feeling or energy state that does not reflect our life force and who we are!

Reiki helps us gain access to the inner wisdom and innate healing powers that reside within. Reiki shifts our system out of the flight or flight more so we can return to our natural state of being. This is where healing happens on its own. The best part - or my favorite part! is that you simply get to rest. For most people, reiki feels deeply relaxing. Like a supported meditation to drop down and in.

Reiki supports in all facets of the body: the emotional body, physical body, and spiritual body. Every aspect of our being communicates with the others, and has its own intelligence - each cell, organ, muscle, tissue, etc. Reiki helps us to wake up the organizational intelligence within every cell. As we open the channels for this communication, we live into the balance that is uniquely our own.


September 2018 - January 2019 Pricing. Feb 2019 will increase.

60 minute session- 130

599/ 6 sessions

Let’s connect.

It would be an honor and privilege to work with you.

I like to schedule a 20 minute complimentary intro conversation before your first session, so I can get a sense of what your looking for and how this practice can support you.

Please email me at julianneyoga108@gmail.com with 2 days and time slots you are available, and we will go from there!

I currently offer Reiki from my home in San Francisco on Tuesdays from 5 - 8pm and Wednesdays from 4 - 7pm. This is evolving and will likely be hosted from a studio location soon.


"I had no idea this is what Reiki was, but receiving Reiki from Julie is incredible! Just from knowing Julie and her dedication to mindful practices, I was interested in trying it and working with her. It is very deeply relaxing. After every session I have felt more grounded and calm than I have in a long time, it feels really good and it stays with me for days. The most notable benefits for me have been less feeling of anxiety, which has helped my sleep too, noticing I am more present in social situations. I am grateful to have connected with Julie and Reiki. And yes, do yourself a favor and try it for yourself.” - Rich.

This is interesting… does it work?!

My experience is yes! So much!! My close friend and family are well versed on the benefits because I have seen the power of reiki, touch and energy healing. On students, clients, friends and family.

The most important is your experience. If this calls to you, let’s connect.

When I think about study the complexity of the human body, I am in awe. It is so beyond our intelligence that the most advanced doctors don’t know how to heal many challenges of the human body. There is more research being done now on science of energy healing, and I also know the best integrative doctors and healers in the world include energy medicine in their practice and recommendations. I know because I have learned Healing Touch from Dr. Rauni King in San Diego, where she uses this in their integrative medicine and cardiology practice.

My experience from a Yogi perspective.

I came back to yoga several years ago after running my body into the ground with triathlons and sports for many years and the practice of healing and mindfulness has evolved so much for me since. I love the physical practice of yoga, and the feeling of intuition and clarity I often get a glimpse of with consistent practice. 

What really what drew me to Reiki was a feeling like there was more of that wisdom available within me, that I could tell much of my anxiety was excitement for life, but I wasn't processing it that way.  And I wanted to spend more time in that neutral, wise, clear space within. For healing, and also for continuing to live my life in a way that really felt true to me. I could sense there was something more, and so I started receiving reiki for a year and then I got trained about a year ago. It has led to profound shifts in my ability to see clearly, be present with more ease, and generally just feel into how freaking beautiful life is even when there are lots balls up in the air, challenges, shifts, etc! It's also helped me feel confident and powerful in my ability to explore new work, relationships, and make wholehearted decision.