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The Big Island / Kona

The Big Island / Kona


where we went + loved !

We swam almost everyday we were here during our month-long stay on the Big Island. We prioritized life around swimming and being near the water. Everywhere you go you swim with fish. The water is plenty warm (though not Caribbean) and it's just the best!



Swim the Iron Man course and then go to Huggos for sunset. The Ironman course is so beautiful! It's right in the middle of the town in Kona, and it's a protected area, with super clear water. It was one of my favorite swims

Run / Swim / Hang @ Kekaha Kai State Park. An incredible park! About 1.5 mile long road as you drive in. Nice grade for a moderately challenging run up and back. The road is amazing, you feel like your on mars. Then you get to this insane beach.. photo above. We ran the road and then swam. The most beautiful blue water and white sand beaches. Incredibly gorgeous. This place definitely gets crowded and hot by mid-morning so get there early.

The Four Seasons Hotel - This place is just off the charts. It's open to the public. We went to have lunch and hang by the beach and walk the property. The landscaping, and the way the place is integrated into the natural landscape is so beautiful. The food is great too, of course. 



Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park  - Definitely one of the most beautiful national parks I've ever been to. Just amazing on every level. The view of sunset, palm trees, amazing running trails. 

Snorkel / Swim @ Honaunau Bay / Two Step. This is right next to Puuhonua Park. It's an amazing spot to go for a casual swim at any time of day. In the morning we've seen dolphins, and at night, epic sunset and local Hawaiians hanging out, rowing and enjoying life.

Captain Cook Beach. The bay over from Honauanau Bay, this place is possibly even more special. It's almost tucked into the mountains behind it, and definitely has a special energy there.