yoga myth buster: i have to be perfect for yoga.

actually, you are already perfect. yoga helps you to balance your energy, wherever you are.

One example of balancing your energy with yoga is to turn to this practice when you're feeling tired. Here's one way to bring energy into your body. 


stand + breathe.

Stand with your feet hips width distance, rooted in the earth.
take a few deep breaths in.
feel your breath on your inhale bringing life force into your body.
take a full exhale. exhale out all of your breath.
on each inhale, feel your breath bring oxygen to all your cells. making them feel more alive and happy! :)


Take utkatasana, chair pose

Chair pose looks like a squat, but not quite as deep. (see video for utkatasana stance.)
Engage your core.
shift the hips back and bring your knees over your ankles.
start by lowering just a little bit, begin to engage your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and rise up.
do this 5 times, as much as you’d like throughout the day.
not only will you feel super energized, you’ll build strength too ! 

and remember to thank yourself for taking good care of you.

the light in me honors the light in you