To purchase on doTERRA, you can:

1) Purchase small orders @ retail price and start your journey here with these powerful healing oils + supplements.

2) Become a Wellness Advocate + Save 25% on all orders. 


Ordering Instructions to Purchase Retail.

1. Shop here on my Wellness Advocate Page with doTERRA.

2. On the top bar, click "Shop", continue. 

3. Once your on the page, on the top bar, click "Essential Oils" or "Kits" And then you can browse from here on which you would like to buy.  You can also use the search bar to enter what you are looking for.


Become a Wellness Advocate:


- Receive 25% off all orders

- If you want to share doTERRA, you'll automatically be set up with your own website. Just like mine above- with your name!


- The cost to sign up as a Wellness Advocate is $35. And that fee is waived when you purchase an Enrollment kit. (My favorite is the Home Essentials Kit.) So it's really a win-win.

- $20 annual renewal fee, includes a bottle of peppermint oil. Cancel anytime.


Ordering Instructions to Sign Up as a Wellness Advocate

1. Click here on my Wellness Advocate Page with doTERRA.

2. On the top bar, click "Join + Save", continue. 

3. Continue in your language.

4. Choose to Join at "Wholesale Prices", continue.

5. Enter all of your Info here.

6. Choose the Kit You want to Purchase. 

7. Purchase! Make sure to message me once you make your purchase so I can add you to our awesome Essential Thrive family on facebook!



Need help?!

If any of this is confusing, and we have not yet had a chance to go over which oils are best for you, please reach out and we can set up a time to set you up over the phone or in person together! 



Grow your doTERRA business?!

Once you fall in love with doTERRA products (it won't take long!) You can choose to grow your own essential oils business with doTERRA if that interests you. And I'd be happy to support you in sharing natural healing methods and growing your income. Email me!