Essential Oils

Essential oils are some of the most potent healing agents on the planet! They are literally nature's magic in a bottle, distilled directly from plans, and they have transformed the way I think about healing and balance in nearly every way - in physical body, emotional body, in mind and spirit.

If you're wanting to rely less on the pharmacy and publicly traded companies for your wellbeing and instead focus on healing naturally, you are in the right place. 

A few examples of how to use oils - 

  • energy 
  • stress relief
  • relaxed + restful sleep
  • healing cold/ cough/ respiratory illnesses
  • emotional balancing - everything from Focus, to Calm, to grounded.
  • tension headaches

This is just the beginning.

One of my favorite things about essential oils is that you can begin using them right away. They are designed to be used by everyone, not experts. In one class together, you can learn about all of the core balancing oils and how to use them.

The books, apps, and super simply resources available make it so accessible to make natural healing a reality. We also have an amazing community facebook group of mama (and a few papa!) healers that are always posting, sharing, and asking questions about oils.


The Workshop

I teach workshops for all people! For yoga teachers, for students, and for everyone that wants to heal, or simply make a scent that is their own! In addition to healing, essential oils are also the foundation of many perfumes :) And you can save a lot of money and make something you LOVE by making your own! 


We'll cover: 

  • how essential oils support your emotional wellbeing - reduce stress, anxiety, help with better sleep, happiness, energy. 
  • the core "home pharmacy" oils for everyday physical + emotional balancing
  • the 6 categories of oils and the basics of how to blend them (for healing purposes + for a nice fragrance)
  • You will make 2 custom blends to take home! You can make additional blends for $10 each if you want additional blends.

This class will leave you in awe of nature's fragrant and potent healing powers! come - you will love, I promise!  

Please check my schedule for classes I teach in my home once per month. I also teach classes at events, for friend gatherings, and for local yoga and healing spaces. Please contact me below to inquire about scheduling an event.

$25 / oils class. Limited to 8 students! Please sign up in advance!