The 14 Day Detox to Elevate Your Health + Happiness with Less Stress + More Love. 

In 14 Days. For Free!



We all know the feeling of being in go-mode. All of us.

And it can have profound consequences on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health if we don't address these patterns.  Our sympathetic nervous system stays in fight or flight mode, working over time, and even when we rest, we are not recharging. We must take time out to consciously recharge.






A day in the life on the Yoga Detox is so simple. It's living your real life, with inspiration, guidance, and love. 

Enjoy simple healthy rituals like these:

- Wake up and enjoy 2 minutes of rolling around in bed and breathing.

- Take a mindful pause during the day and enjoy a short walking meditation. 

- Prepare a simple meal at home with fresh ingredients.

- Take care great care of you with resources provides in the mindful detox guide.


What if, for 14 days, your top priority was to recharge your superhuman body, mind and spirit with KINDNESS?

Does that sound too fluffy? Keep reading!

So often as a yoga teacher and wellness coach I witness this desire to grow, to be better, and to go after what we want. Desire and growth are a beautiful part of the human condition.

Yet unfortunately what's often associated with success is the this "power through" mentality.  Power up and push through to the next day, to the next moment, the next greatest thing.



So instead of powering through this detox, we tune in. 

Instead of strict dieting and hardcore workouts, I encourage you to enjoy yoga, light workouts/ walking, and meditation and your movement. 

It can be just as effective for you to do light workouts daily. With a lot more love and a lot less stress.

If you can commit to keeping an open mind, taking a few deep breaths, eating simple healthy meals, and taking a pause to be kind to yourself throughout these days - you will experience tremendous shifts in your life. 

The best part is that you don't have to figure out all the details on your own. Meditations, yoga classes + menus are included here for you!


Join hundreds of people from across the country as we tune in, nourish and recharge every cell in your body and get back to your superhuman powers!

You completely deserve this!



While weight loss is not the goal of this program, it is often an added bonus.

If weight loss or simply maintaining a healthy weight with plant-based botanical products, the Arbonne 30 Days to healthy Living Program is my best recommendation for you. It's what I use and recommend to my friends, family and students.