Give yourself the gift of emotional wellbeing.

Introductory Kit

5ml Lavender / 5ml Peppermint / 5ml Lemon

Wholesale price: $20.00  Retail Price: $26.00

Beginniner's Trio

15ml Lavender / 15ml Peppermint / 15ml Lemon

Wholesale price: $50.00   Retail: $66.00

Starter Kits

These are my 2 favorite starter essential oil kits. I know you will greatly benefit from purchasing either one. They really are one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. Please reach out with any questions you have about either kit!

Buying a kit offers the great bonus of free enrollment to wholesale pricing. You will receive 25% off anything else your order for one full year. 


Aromatouch Diffused

Diffuser + 7 oils (5ml size)

single oils: lavender, melaluca (tea tree), wild orange, peppermint

oil blends: (signature oil combinations made by doTERRA)

Onguard, balance, deep blue

+ fractionated coconut oil to apply oils to your body

Wholesale price: $150. Retail: $200.


Home Essentials Kit

Diffuser + 10 oils (15ml size)

Single Oils:

Lemon, Lavender, Oregano, Melaluca (tea tree), Peppermint, Oregano, Frankincense

Blends: Breathe, Digest Zen, Deep Blue, On Guard

Wholesale: $275. Retail: $360.


Ordering Instructions to Buy a Kit 

1. Click here on my Wellness Advocate Page with doTERRA.

2. On the top bar, click "Join + Save", continue. 

3. Continue in your language.

4. Choose to Join at "Wholesale Prices" or if you think you want to share doTERRA + earn commissions, join as a "Wellness Advocate" to benefit from 25% off future orders.*

5. Enter your address / billing + shipping Info.

6. Choose the Kit You want to Purchase. 

7. Purchase! Make sure to message me once you make your purchase so I can add you to our awesome Essential Thrive family on facebook where you can learn from all of the amazing healers in our group. I can also send you an email with more links to learn!


*To start your own doTERRA business, or to share oils with friends and family in a way that benefits you and can help you pay for your own collection, you can join as a "Wellness Advocate". Both wholesale customer and wellness advocateoffer the same exact features, but the wellness advocate page will generate a page and link for you to share with friends. There is a monthly purchase requirement to earn commissions, so please reach out if want more info on this part.



Join our Team and Share Essential Oil Wellness with your friends, family + clients.

We have an incredible team of women healers that are skilled, smart and so helpful in sharing how to support the wellbeing of our community with natural healing. I am so grateful to be part of this team, for educational support, business support, and the camaraderie of supporting each other. 

The benefits of joining our team include:

Support from out local SF team + facebook group. We help each other to heal seasonal ailments, emotional ups and downs, and to share information about healing with oils and to be connected to other amazing healers. 

Connect with friends, family and clients in new, health supportive and really joyful ways.  You really truly add a tremendous value to people's lives and its so much fun.

Share something you love, as I'm sure you already do! And pay for your personal oil collection. If you enjoy sharing essential oils and you're going to do so anyway, you might as well enjoy the benefits of your community purchasing them through you and supporting you. 

Growing my personal collection has been so so fun. I eagerly await my doTERRA order each month and enjoy sharing them with my community. And then of course you also always have the option to grow a business and earn a great living with doTERRA. 

 Please reach out to me here for more info. I'd be thrilled to support you and set you up for great success!