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Yoga Starter Kit

Manduka Eko Lite Mat.

Your mat is your home. May you love it!

And this my new favorite mat. Its a perfect all-around yoga mat that has it all. Amazing grip with  when your hands start to sweat, which is important in your yoga practice to feel safe and comfortable. (for Jade yoga mat lovers, the grip is just as good!) 

Manduka mats are also really durable, super easy to clean and provide great cushion and support. They're also the most sustainable yoga mat brand on the market! Made rom sustainable + biodegradable tree rubber, and 100% non-toxic. 

My favorite mat is the 4mm Eko Lite Mat at 4.5 lbs, it's totally manageable to carry around to class. 

You can also check out the 5mm (7 lbs) for some extra cushion.

Price: 4mm = $52-59    5mm = $88


To help you get stronger, more flexible, and even to help you relax.


A Yoga Strap