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What will you learn?

Simple + profound tools to live your yoga off the mat and in your world.

The philosophy of yoga is based on an 8-part guided path to living a meaningful, healthy, spiritual life. Within these wisdom-filled principles are daily practices to serve you in your everyday life.

This is the yoga I'm so looking forward to sharing with you. To simply share, create awareness of these incredible tools, and inspire you to connect with your yoga.

All it takes is tuning in for one minute a day! You don't have to practice at a studio for 60 minutes to call it yoga. Yoga is a way of life. 

I'll share the philosophy + simple meditations, mantras, and even longer yoga practices of various lengths and challenge on my page if you want to learn more about how the physical practice can help you to embody and live your yoga..

This is the #summerofyogalove and this is my gift to you!

May these yoga teachings serve you.

namaste, Julie

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Why am I doing this?

I've been practicing yoga for 15 + years and in various stages of my life.  Each timeI have come back to the practice and it has changed me, for the better. This year, after being healed once again by this practice, I came back ready to teach. Ready to make sharing yoga part of my life's work. The yoga practice, my teachers, the sacred teachings, the yoga community, all of it - it's been nothing short of life changing.

And this year as I turn 30, I am heeding this very deep, very real (and little bit scary!) call to share these teachings in a big way, in a meaningful way. In a way that meets you, where you are. And to grow my following as I share, so I can share this message far + wide. 

This is another big leap for me on this life journey! I'm so grateful for you in joining me!


The Trip!







Ubud, Bali is really a special place. The intentions set there, the daily offerings created, the master teachers who travel from all over the world to be there, the rice fields, the delicious, healthy vegan (and even some carnivorous) food. It's kind of magical :)

Overview of trip details + booking:

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2) One entry per person. Please do not try to hack this system. This campaign is run on a social campaign platform and will disqualify anyone who enters the campaign with more than one email/ name. 

3) You must contact me to book your tickets for no less that 4 months in advance of the date you wish to travel. Tickets are based on mileage availability and will cover trips up to 40k miles per person, which covers you from most places in the world!

4) The stay: You can choose where you want, with $100 limit per night, all fees included. I have a recommended list of places I love + will share with you!