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Day 3: The 8 limbs of Yoga: Yamas + Niyamas

Day 3: The 8 limbs of Yoga: Yamas + Niyamas


ok so the 8 limbs of yoga are a guide to the yogic art of living.

there are 8 steps in all, and they can serve you to live with curiosity, with kindness, and in a way that feels really good, and meaningful and truthful, to you. 

so the 8 limbs are in the sanskrit language. they might sound a little funny at first. don’t worry.

1 - yamas.

the yamas relate to how we live in the world with integrity. our behavior in an out in the world.

2 - niyamas

relates to our self-discipline and spiritual observances. our behavior towards and with ourselves.

3- Asana

Yoga postures and the physical yoga practice, which is only one! of 8 parts of yoga. 

The body is seen as the temple of the spirit so we practice yoga to keep the body healthy and fluid.